Griffon Icon
Civilization Greek
Unit Type Myth Unit
Cost 200 Food
14 Favor
Population 4
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
15 - 10
Hit Points 320
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
60% 55% 80%
Speed 4.2 feet/second
Line of Sight 20 feet
Train at N/A
Train Time 0 seconds

The Griffon is a Greek myth unit in Age of Mythology which was cut from the original game but was later added with the Tale of the Dragon expansion.

Extended Edition: Although they were added with Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, the Griffon is hidden, to re-enable the Griffon for Scenario Editor usage, one must look for and remove the <flag>NotPlayerPlaceable</flag> under its definition in the Proto XML file.

Special Attack Edit

Roar: unleashes a deafening roar that deals damage and sends a single unit flying away.

Tale of the Dragon Campaign Edit

In the sixth scenario of the Tale of the Dragon campaign, 3 hostile Griffons can be found guarding a Relic at the top of a small spiraling mountain. As the player worships Shennong in that scenario, they can be converted using Monks, making it the only instance in the game where Griffons can be used to fight.

Trivia Edit

  • The Griffon's texture file (Special G Griffon Map) is still located in the files, along with its anim file. It is possible using a plugin called ABE and 3dsMax to convert the older griffon models from the Multiplayer Alpha, into the current AoM .brg format.
  • According to Greg Street: We cut the griffon because we would have had to invest a lot of R&D into a flying unit that had a ground attack. Having a griffon rider did seem to get too close to fantasy. I guess he could have spat or dropped rocks or something.
    • Interesting enough despite the statement, Griffons are actually land-Myth Units, not flying.
  • The Griffon appears in Age of Mythology:Expanded Mod where it appears with a regenerating ability, and the ability to execute "gore" attacks.
  • The Griffon's prototype definition is based on the Nemean Lion's definition, albeit with minor alterations, thus giving it the ability to roar, and having near identical statistics.

Gallery Edit

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