Golden Pit mini map-0

An 8 player death match in Golden Pit

Golden Pit is a random map featured in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. The map is very similar to Gold Rush with greenery and forests surrounding the majority of the map and a large pit in the central filled with heaps of Gold Mines.

Overview Edit

Player's start out in a forestland near the edges the map near small forests of deciduous trees with a Scout Cavalry or Eagle Scout provided. The land is green and lush and filled with resources. Some players will stay in their forest area and not colonize the central pit creating expansion conflicts and skirmishes over the forest land Player's are separated by a the large pit in the center.

The central pit contains dry, barren, and sandy terrain not suitable for wildlife and plants for grow in.The pit contains large heaps Gold Mines providing a bounty of Gold. However, the bounty of gold comes at a price. Multiple raids and attacks from enemy troops over control of the pit will happen frequently in the map. The edges of the pit will contain cliff like terrain, giving archer units an advantage over the vulnerable mining Villagers. Building Castles and Watch Towers will help protect Villagers from these attacks.

As with other special maps, Relics will be found in small numbers scattered throughout the map and can be gathered by Monks providing a trickle of gold.

Environment Edit

Livestock are present in fair numbers in the map, herds of Sheep will be grazing near the player's Town Center and can provide a well source of Food. Deer will be found not too far away and will be cautiously foraging near the forests and can be hunted. Wild Boars will be lurking dangerously far away and will viciously attack and attempt to kill any Villager's that hunt them providing a questionable source of food.

Stone Mines will be found scattered here and there providing Stone around the forestland of the map although they will not be present in the central pit. A few Gold Mines will be dotted in the forestland here and there providing Gold to players reluctant to colonize the central pit.

The clumps of forestland will consist mainly of Oak Trees and Forest Trees providing Wood. Small stands of Bamboo Trees will oddly be found scattered throughout the map as with some other special maps featured in the expansion.

Similar Maps Edit

Gallery Edit

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