Golden Fleece mini map

Golden Fleece was intended to be a random map/game mode in Age of Mythology, but ultimately cut, for unknown reasons.

Overview Edit

The mission of this map, as described in the Golden Fleece unit's description, would be to capture the Golden Fleece, a unique Goat-type unit with a heroic glow. Then, the player/team would probably have to keep it under their control for a set period of time to win.

Unit Edit

Golden Fleece
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Base Hit Points20
ResistsHack (0%)
Pierce (10%)
Crush (99%)
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The Golden Fleece unit is still accessible in the Scenario Editor, and thus, a modder can potentially make a map based on it. It should be noted that despite having only 20 HP, this Goat is completely invulnerable to damage, even that inflicted from god powers.

Mythology Edit

The Golden Fleece map would be a reference to two well-known Greek myths; that of Jason and the Argonauts, who were sent to Colchis to steal the Fleece, but also that of Phrixus and Helle.

Phrixus and Helle were siblings, and greatly hated by their stepmother, Ino, who plotted to murder them. Nephele, their biological mother and a cloud goddess/nymph sent a magical, golden ram to fly (or swim) her children away from Ino's reach, to Colchis. As the ram reached the Dardanelles, Helle fell in and drowned (thus, renaming the sea to Hellespont, the sea of Helle).

Phrixus survived however, and reached Colchis. Aeetes (king of Colchis, brother of Circe and son of Helios) treated him with hospitality and married him to his daughter, Chalciope. Later, he sacrificed the ram to Zeus in gratitude, and offered the Fleece to Aeetes, guarded by a dragon.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As the Golden Fleece was in essence the skin of a male sheep, the fact it is a glowing Goat is completely erroneous. Instead, a glowing Ram would be an excellent choice.

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