Golden-banded Staff is a Chinese myth technology in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is available to worshipers of Sun Wukong and improves the attack of Monkey Kings.

Effects Edit

  • Monkey Kings deal +30% more hack damage

History Edit

The Golden-Banded staff was the legendary weapon of Sun Wukong. He acquired the staff when travelling to the kingdom of Ao Kuang, where the Dragon King of the East Sea gifted Sun an ancient pillar of black iron that had in the days prior to Sun's arrival started emitting heavenly light. When Sun Wukong first wielded the weapon and proclaimed it too large, the staff shrank accordingly, readily complying with his wishes. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a gold ring on each end of the staff along with an inscription on its body, which read "The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod".

The staff became Sun Wukong's primary weapon and under his control it could be formed into various sizes and shapes. It is also said that when Sun was not in battle, he would shrink the staff to a miniscule size and wear it behind his ear.

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