Ghost Lake is a random map in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II Edit


Ghost Lake, nothing grows in the white area.

It is a majority land based map, with a large frozen "no-man's land" lake in the center.

Ghost Lake is a fairly fun map even though it contains less than the normal resources. This creates an interesting dilemma as both booming and rushing struggle. The high level of wolves often deters militia and men-at-arms and the low resources often harm the booming player as villagers become a massive food drain. However, it will be pointed out that feudal age rushes with archers followed up by a fast castle is an effective strategy to put a player into the leading seat, although later offensives will surely be needed. The map can also be relatively wallable due to lots of small forests around the player's starting area, however there is often a giant open area (if the player starts close to the frozen lake), in which case walling becomes harder.

Resources are low, Forage Bushes are a tad smaller and deer are one smaller. Gold and Stone are of relative abundance, though pitched battles often take place of the final caches of these in the edges of the map. Wood is scarce (however there are lots of small tree lines around), due to the fact that the frozen lake has no resources on or in it, depriving this map of the typical wood glut in the center of the map. Since the lake has no resources, strong end game civilizations struggle (Spanish) as do middle of the range civilizations (Japanese, Koreans, Celts, etc.). The cheaper infantry often help in the late game however (Goths) and relics and the open areas are suited well to hit and runs by cavalry archers (Mongols) which can decide the game.

Age of Mythology Edit


Ghost Lake in Age of Mythology.

The sinister, frozen lake in the center of this map may never thaw, but still cannot be built upon. -Map description.

Ghost Lake is also featured in Age of Mythologyalso as a land map with a frozen "no man's land" in the center, though unlike the Age of Empires II version, the map features no fish (or water to begin with), and predators don't attack military units, meaning that early game rushes are more viable. There are still numerous predatory animals on and around the lake so worker units must travel with care.

As with the Age of Empires II version, trees featured are Snow Pine Trees, and animals are typical Eurasian, such as Elks and Wolves.

Similar maps Edit

  • While the Ghost Lake map doesn't appear in Age of Empires III, the winter version of Great Lakes is similar in practice, with a frozen lake providing a no man's land.
  • A variation of King of the Hill in Age of Mythology features a frozen lake, with the Plenty Vault objective in the middle. In this variation, it is impossible to camp with structures, or execute a Castle Drop.

Gallery Edit

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