Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Germans are a civilization with strong infantry and cavalry units.



The Germans gain free Uhlans with every shipment, allowing them to build up their cavalry quickly. This allows them to rush enemy colonies very quickly in the early stages of the match.

Their unique unit, the Doppelsoldner, is a heavy infantry unit which functions somewhat like a Halberdier only much better. Apart from their hand damage, Doppelsoldners have an area of effect melee attack and deal far more siege damage compared to a Halberdier of their level. Their AoE damage allows them to decimate clumped groups of enemies very quickly and efficiently in battle.

They also have access to the Skirmisher, which can upgrade into the Royal Guard status (Needle Gunners), making them better than any other non-French Skirmisher in battle. Combined with Doppelsolders, this pair is very effective against infantry and cavalry, although they will have to watch out for artillery units.

Uhlans form the mainstay of the German cavalry are similar to Hackapells (although having more hitpoints and less attack). This allows them to do a lot of damage against enemy skirmishers but leaves them vulnerable to ranged cavalry. However the other unique cavalry unit, the War Wagon, is a heavy ranged cavalry unit that can easily take out other cavalry (3x damage). Their high base damage can also be used to take down artillery (2x damage). Despite this, War Wagons can also be used as anti-infantry units; at Imperial level, only the Hackapell surpasses them in damage (excluding any damage multipliers).

Settler Wagons are a unique, German only settler that collects and builds faster then normal settlers and the Coureur des Bois; however, the Coureur only fills up one population slot compared to two from the Settler Wagon. Settler Wagons can only be sent from the Home City, however, with the Germantown Farmers card, they can be trained from Mills instead. Once the player has access to this card, they should remove any non-team Settler Wagon cards from their deck in favor of other cards. Settler Wagons only have a limit of 20, so the player should check if they need more Settler Wagons.

The Germans also have the most mercenary shipments out of all other civilizations; they have access to 9 different mercenary cards (excluding Privateers). They can access every mercenary unit excluding Ronin and Manchus; mainly, the Germans have easy access to German-related mercenaries like Landsknechts, Jaegers and Black Riders. The Germans will get extra mercenaries when they are sent, making the shipment well worth it. However, this can be boosted even further with Wallenstein's Contracts from the church upgrades; Wallenstein's Contracts removes the coin cost (although you need to pay a one-time fee of 4000 coin) from all mercenary-related shipments, so this helps players who are running an intense mercenary deck.



The Germans are hard to counter unless facing a variety of units, though their cavalry can be countered as Uhlans form the majority of the German cavalry. The low hit points of the Uhlans make them very vulnerable to ranged cavalry or Pikemen. Anti-infantry units like skirmishers and artillery should be deployed to counter the Doppelsoldners, as most cavalry will be decimated by them. Anti-Cavalry units like the Dragoon would be required to keep off the Uhlans from closing in, and Pikemen and Halberdiers can stave off any War Wagons that might be present. As Germans are usually offensive, it would often be better to try turtling against them.

Germany does not get a 2 Falconet shipment in the Fortress Age; the other European civilization that doesn't have that would be the Dutch.

German shipments also have a 10% experience increase compared to other civilizations due to the free Uhlans that arrive with most shipments. This results in less shipments which could mean a drastic change if the player does not get a lot of experience quickly to boost it up (e.g. Shipment 1 from all civilizations excluding Spanish is 300, while the Germans need 330).

As most Colonial Age and further shipments give Uhlans, it will increase population while they are sent and will prevent the player from shipping them out if they have capped their population. Settler Wagons do not count as two settlers when attacking, neither inside nor outside the Town Center, making Germany weaker against very early rushes from for example Iroquois or Ottomans in the supremacy game mode.

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