This article is about the scrapped unit in The Conquerors. For unit in The African Kingdoms, see Genitour (Mounted).
Unit Info
Type Infantry
Introduced In ConquerorsIcon The Conquerors
Hit Points 60, 70 (Elite)
Attack 4, 5 (Elite) pierce
Rate of Fire 3.05
Frame Delay 10
Range 3, 4 (Elite)
Minimum Range 1
Accuracy 90%
Projectile Speed 7
Melee Armor 0
Pierce Armor 1
Armor Classes Archer
Speed 1.35
Line of Sight 5, 6 (Elite)
The Genitour was an infantry unit found only in the Scenario Editor of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It combines the characteristics of a ranged unit and a melee unit. Although it is holding in what appears to be a club, it actually throws spears towards the enemy very much like a Skirmisher. Despite being in the form of a Militia, the icon reveals an image of a Cavalry Archer. The Genitour is affected by the cavalry archer upgrades.

The infantry Genitour currently no longer appears in the Scenario Editor (since patch 5.1), but it can still be found in the game files.

Trivia Edit

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