Civilization Greeks
Age/God Mythic Age/Hades
Unit Type Archer
Cost 120 Wood
80 Gold
Population 3
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
0 8 6
Range 24 feet
Hit Points 60
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
15% 15% 99%
Speed 3.8 feet/second
Line of Sight 28 feet
Train at Fortress
Archery Range
Train Time 14 seconds

The Gastraphetes is a Mythic Age archer unit for the in Age of Mythology. It is trained at the Fortress and Archery Range (Titans Expansion only), and is the unique unit for Hades.

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Hades increases the attack of all archers by 10%, including Gastraphetes.

Strategy Edit

Gastraphetes are quite expensive but can handle various roles. They have a very long range and deal crush damage so can destroy buildings in groups. As archers, they are strong against infantry as well. Due to their long range they can kill infantry from much further away than conventional archers so can provide long ranged support. This also reduces the extent to which infantry can close the gap and hurt them. They work well when paired with Petroboli since they can provide anti-infantry support and help destroy buildings. Their main weakness is that they are expensive and take up three population slots. Furthermore, like all archers they are weak against cavalry, though their range helps to mitigate this somewhat.

History Edit

This ancient weapon was an ancestor to both mounted ballistae and medieval crossbows. It appeared to be a large crossbow that was cocked, and perhaps fired, while braced against the soldier's middle. "Gastraphetes" literally means "belly bow". Because they were slow to fire, but had a great range, the weapons were most likely used for siege.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gastraphetes was the last trainable unit created for Age of Mythology, before The Titans.


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