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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the unit in Age of Empires II, see Galley (Age of Empires II).
Galley Icon
The numbers after / represent the broadside attack.
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Naval Vessel
Cost300 WoodResources wood
100 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableColonial Age
Ages colonial
Base Hit Points600
Training Limit5
Resists60% vs. Ranged
Siege Damage100 / 40
Siege Multipliersx0.5 vs. Artillery / x2.0 vs. Ship
Siege Range20
R.O.F.2.0 / 0.05
Train Time40 seconds
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The Galley is a light military vessel exclusive only to the Ottomans. The warship fulfills the role of the Caravel for the Ottomans. Like the Caravel, the Ottoman Galley is a light scout craft that can be used for scouting, Fishing, and supporting heavier ships. Just like any other ship, the Galley can also be used as a Transport unit. The Galley can transport up to 50 units from one location to another. It is more fragile than the Caravel, but possesses a stronger attack and is also much faster.



One of the Galley's biggest advantages is its speed. This makes them effective for scouting undiscovered territory and transporting military units through the sea. Because of its low amount of hit points, Galleys in general should not be individually sent to naval combat towards enemy ships, especially Frigates which can rip it apart in a matter of seconds. Thus, it is strongly advised to research technological improvements from the Dock as soon as possible.


Shipments Edit

History Edit

"Galleys were ships powered by both oar and sail. They were mostly used in the Mediterranean, and developed into other varieties that emphasized sail over oars, like the galliot and galleass. The men at the oars were often slaves or convicts, chained to their posts while a ship sat at anchor. Most galleys had cannon that fired only forward, though some designs allowed for both rowers and cannons, giving the galley a broadside attack.

Approximate weight: 250 tons. Length: 140 feet.


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