This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the related unit in Age of Empires II, see Galleon (Age of Empires II).
Galleon Icon
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Naval vessel
Cost300 woodResources wood
500 coinIcon coin
AgeAges colonial Colonial Age
Base hit points1500
Training limit3
Line of Sight26
Resists75% vs. Ranged
Siege damage50
Siege multipliersx0.5 vs. Artillery
Siege range20
Siege Area of Effect1
Rate of Fire2.0
Train time40 seconds
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The Galleon is a warship featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The galleon is a moderately fast and powerful military ship that is capable of training and transporting soldiers directly onto foreign soil. It is also a type of treasure ship (gold mine) during Act I: Blood and Act III: Steel. Spanish galleons (with cards) make excellent attack vessels and damage sponges in any age, however other civilizations will find it is only good for this purpose in the lower ages when directly compared to a Caravel.

The galleon will only produce units normally available at a Barracks for that civilization, however the Spanish galleons can also produce Mercenaries in the form of Pirates if a Home City Card is sent.

Upgrades Edit

Spanish Edit

The Spanish have the strongest galleons in the game if they take advantage of their home city improvements. If they choose to do so the Spanish galleon has more hit points than any other ship sailing the seas in Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs. With the release of The Asian Dynasties expansion, the Spanish Fuchuan becomes the highest hit point vessel in the game when received via the TEAM 1 Fuchuan card sent by a Chinese ally.

Spanish galleons can easily hold their own against the more expensive Frigates, Tekkousen, and Fuchuan or outrun them if necessary. If unction is used to augment the card bonuses and dock upgrades they will inflict 162 damage per shot (not including allied bonuses), but be limited to the waters near shore due to the range limitations of the aura.

While extremely durable, the Spanish galleon is slower than a Tlaloc Canoe and can't retreat effectively from combat with them. It also lacks the range of many other ships, this can be exploited by an opponent as a means of overcoming the durability and shoreline attack power (unction). Particularly dangerous are the Fuchuan (with European Cannons), Tlaloc Canoes (with Water Dance and Offshore Support),Canoe (with Water Dance,Offshore Support or Fire Dance) and Monitors or Ironclads due to their long-range shots. If used near the shoreline for purposes of drawing upon unction, then it's recommended to back-up the galleon with Culverins, as they have greater range than all ships except monitors, ironclads (though it beats the ironclad on normal attack range, but not it's long-range attack) or some ships using offshore support. When attacking enemy shores with the ship, the same artillery can be dangerous to the galleon. Augmented Fire Ships (home city cards, etc.) can also be dangerous in large groups.

Cards and Upgrades Edit

Discovery Age
Colonial Age
Fortress Age
  • Armada - +30% to warship hit points.
Industrial Age

Treasures Edit

Land treasures

Some land treasures added in The Asian Dynasties will benefit the galleon indirectly.

  • Infantry train times are reduced by 5%, even from a galleon.
Water treasures

Water treasures are only available with The Asian Dynasties expansion.

  • Ships train 5% faster, bringing the total galleon train time (with advanced dock) down to 18.6 seconds.
  • Ships require 5% less resources to build, bringing the total galleon cost (with TEAM cold water port) down to 240 wood and 400 coin.
  • Warships receive a 5% boost to their hit points.

Minor Civilization Upgrades Edit

Some minor civilizations have upgrades which reduce infantry train time or influence the galleon indirectly in other ways, such as influencing the infantry trained from the vessel or the cost of docks. However one civilization stands out as better than the rest for use with a galleon strategy.

  • Inca - The Chasquis Messengers upgrade will reduce infantry train times by 25%, even from a galleon.
    • The civilization can also increase the speed of infantry by 20% if the "Incan Roadbuilding" upgrade is purchased. This can counter the penalty of the corselet upgrade due to a royal decree and result in a small speed boost and the 25% greater hit points due to the corselet. The resulting speed advantage can then be bolstered even further with the military drummers upgrade, while the hit point bonus can be built upon further with home city cards, unit upgrades and arsenal upgrades.

Shipments Edit

History Edit

"These square-rigged, three-masted warships were used primarily by European powers in the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries. Well-suited for carrying cargo and for war, galleons made up the bulk of the famous Spanish Treasure Fleet that carried plunder from the Americas back to Spain's waiting coffers. They carried around 30 cannon, fired from two decks in broadsides. Adaptations to the basic galleon design yielded heavy Spanish Galleons and the lighter, more maneuverable galleons of the British and other European nations. They were eventually replaced as multipurpose ships by the clipper, a fast cargo ship, and the massive Man-of-War.

Approximate weight: 500 tons. Length: 120 feet.

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