This article is about the goddess in Age of Mythology. For the non-playable team in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II, see Gaia.
Major God Tech tree Strategy
Introduced in The Titans
Culture Atlantean
God Power GaiaForestIcon Gaia Forest
Technology Channels Channels
Minor Gods
Classical Age LetoIcon Leto
OceanusIcon Oceanus
Heroic Age RheiaIcon Rheia
TheiaIcon Theia
Mythic Age AtlasIcon Atlas
HekateIcon Hekate
  • All buildings are surrounded by lush terrain which cannot be built on by enemies.
  • Buildings regenerate hitpoints.
  • Fishing Ships are 10% cheaper, Caravans are 20% cheaper and both have +25% hit points.
  • Economic technologies are 30% cheaper.
Flavor Text
Focus Buildings

Gaia is a major god of the Atlanteans in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

  • GaiaForestIcon Gaia Forest: Grows an aspen forest; its trees provide 200 Wood instead of the standard 150.

Technology Edit


  • All buildings are surrounded by lush terrain which cannot be built on by enemies.
  • Buildings regenerate hitpoints.
  • Fishing ships are 10% cheaper, Caravans are 20% cheaper and both have +25% hit points.
  • Economic technologies are 30% cheaper.

Mythology Edit

Gaia was the Mother Earth, born from Chaos, the great void of space. She gave birth without male intervention to Oranos (the sky) and Pontus (the sea), and took Oranos as her mate. Together they produced the Titans, and other gods and creatures. After the emasculation of Oranos, she mated with Pontus and protected Zeus prior to his overthrow of the Titans. As the goddess Mother Earth she was worshipped as the force behind all things in the world, living and inanimate.

New Atlantis campaign Edit

Titan Gaia Icon
First appearanceThe Titans
Base hit points50 000
Pop. use20
ResistsHack (90%)
Pierce (95%)
Crush (90%)
Melee DamageHack (150)
Crush (150)
Melee multipliersBuildings (5)
Myth units (2)
Human soldiers (2)
Kronos (100)
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Gaia is a major character in The New Atlantis campaign, serving as the new patron of Kastor's Atlanteans after splitting off from the deceitful Krios tricked them into releasing the Titans.

In the scenario Making Amends, Kastor and his allies return to Sikyos to find the city devastated. Despite the destruction, greenery still springs forth around a temple dedicated to Gaia. Arkantos explains that, through Kastor's weakening of the Olympian Gods, all of the Titans have regained power, including the benevolent Gaia. By spreading her lush influence, Gaia weakens the rampaging Prometheus enough for Kastor's group to defeat him.

In the final scenario, War of the Titans, Gaia's presence on the ruins of Old Atlantis prompts Kastor to have her seeds placed in four Gaia Pools. Doing so summons her to the island in order to defeat the newly released Kronos and recapture him in Tartarus. After the battle is done, she returns to the Earth and aids the Atlanteans in rebuilding Atlantis, once again making the island lush.

Unit Stats Edit

As a unit, she regenerates her huge HP at a rate so fast (100 HP/second, allowing her to regenerate all her HP in exactly 8 minutes 20 seconds) that she is practically invulnerable.

Her stats are comparable to those of her son Kronos other than her attack power which is much higher, and they would normally not be able to harm each other due to their regeneration. However, Gaia has an attack bonus of 100 against Kronos (and no other unit), allowing her to easily defeat him.

Upgrades Edit


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