Fune Icon
The numbers after / represent the broadside attack.
First AppearanceThe Asian Dynasties
Naval Vessel
Cost300 WoodResources wood
100 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableAges colonial Colonial Age
Base Hit Points800
Training Limit5
Resists50% vs. Ranged
Siege Damage40 / 25
Siege Multipliersx0.5 vs. Artillery
x2.0 vs. Ship
Siege Range18
Siege Area of Effect1
R.O.F.1.0 / 0.05
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The Fune is a Japanese naval unit in the Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Overview Edit

It has a moderate amount of HP, and is sometimes used to collect treasures. The name comes from the Japanese word for boat, or ship. It is comparable to a European Caravel in terms of usefulness and cost, but they are weaker than a Caravel, causing less damage per cannonball and also have 2 less range.

However, they have two advantages, concerning their sailing speed and Rate of Fire, as they boast a slight advantage of 9.0 speed rather than 8.5, while they fire once per second, making them excellent for naval hit-and-run operations, by shelling land positions, or attacking Fishing Boats. They are also ideal (in small groups) for exploiting naval Treasures.

Shipments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Its icon border is different than from other ships.
  • The Fune seems to be based on the Bezaisen-class ships (弁才船), a class of large coastal transports popular in the Edo period (1603-1868).

History Edit

"In 1281, when the Mongol Hordes of Kublai Khan invaded Japan, the Japanese had no navy with which to fight back. Most of the military action occurred on land, although groups of adventurous samurai utilized coastal fishing boats to assault, board, and then seize ships of the Mongol navy."

Gallery Edit

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