Major God Tech Tree Strategy
Fu Xi
Introduced in Tale of the Dragon
Culture Chinese
God Power IconYearOfTheGoat Year of the Goat
Technology DomesticationAOM Domestication
Minor Gods
Classical Age HuangDiIcon Huang Di
SunWukongIcon Sun Wukong
Heroic Age DaboGongIcon Dabo Gong
ZhongKuiIcon Zhong Kui
Mythic Age ChongliIcon Chongli
AoKuangIcon Ao Kuang
  • Can use Blessed Construction to speed up building construction.
  • Buildings cost 20% less wood.
  • All eight Immortals can be trained from the Archaic Age.
  • Unit line upgrades 20% cheaper.
Flavor Text
Focus Buildings and Heroes

Fu Xi is a Chinese Major God in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.


God Power Edit

  • IconYearOfTheGoat Year of the Goat: Spawns a herd of Goats at a selected location. Spawns more goats if used in later ages.

Technology Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Can use Blessed Construction to speed up building construction.
  • Buildings cost 20% less wood.
  • All eight Immortals can be trained from the Archaic Age.
  • Unit line upgrades 20% cheaper.

Strategy Edit

Fu Xi is the most conducive of the Chinese major gods to aggressive play. In addition to the general wood savings, Blessed Construction and cheaper buildings allow players to train soldiers earlier. This combines with cheaper line upgrades and an early hero advantage to give followers of Fu Xi a very strong Classical Age military.

Early aggression isn't the only way to play as Fu Xi however, since his followers will be able to quickly respond to an enemy attack themselves. Additionally, the cheaper buildings can be used to build Gardens more quickly and rely less on Peasants. This, as well as his god power and technology, allow players to stockpile food easily.

Blessed Construction Strategies Edit

Fu Xi’s most notable benefit is the ability to use Blessed Construction on any building during its construction. The benefit can be triggered the moment a building's foundation is placed on the map, which causes a heavenly light to shine and pieces of buildings to rain onto it. From that moment onward, the building's construction speed increases by 20%. The cost of this benefit is initially 25% of the building's original cost (after applying Fu Xi's 20% wood cost reduction), but if the benefit is saved for after construction has begun, that cost slowly dwindles.

One key use of Blessed Construction is to use it on a key building such as a Temple or an Armory in order to be able to advance to the next age sooner. It is also useful on other military such as a War Academy to simply have it completed faster and rushing the enemy. When used to build a forward base near an enemy town, it reduces the time Peasants spend in dangerous territory, allowing them to retreat earlier. Blessed Construction also stacks with Dabo Gong's Imperial Examination God Power, speeding up building construction by 60%.

Mythology Edit

"Fu Xi is the husband and brother of Nüwa, and son of Hua Hsu, a primordial being created by the death of Pangu. He taught mankind how to live on earth; how to fish, hunt, and cook. He laid down mankind's laws, and instituted marriage between man and women.

In the early days of mankind, humans were in a state of chaos after their creation. They did not know how to clean their food, they ate hair, bone, and blood, and threw away leftovers without a mind for the future. They looked up to heaven, and Fu Xi took pity on them. He came down and gave them laws and civilization, and elevated them above the beasts.

In-game history section

Trivia Edit

  • The icon for Blessed Construction is identical to Kronos' Time Shift icon, with both depicting an hourglass.

Gallery Edit

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