Front Line mini map

An 8 player death match on Front Line

Front Line is a special random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. The map's positioning promises endless opportunities for expansion and conflict.

Overview Edit

Unlike other maps featured in the expansion, Front Line offers a unique blend of both African and European terrain merged into one.

Players start out in the center of the map and are all positioned diagonally from each other. In team matches, teams will occupy on side of the map and their Town Centers are extremely close by each other. The enemy will be not too far away either and players will have to rely on team coordination and communication to conquer their enemies and win the match.

Lush green grass savannas will cover the majority of the map, with medium sized patches of dry cracked earth dotting the savannas. Hills will also randomly form throughout the map while the majority of the land will be flat and lowlands. A thick forest will cover the edges of the map giving the map its rectangular shape.

Environment Edit

Players will start out with a nearby herd of Goats like most other maps featured in the expansion. This will allow for a steady and nourishing supply of Food. A pair of massive Elephants will be found nearby and will dwarf the other animals in size. However they will aggressively trample and attempt to kill any Villagers trying to hunt to them. Herds of Zebras will also be found nearby as well as Forage Bushes to gather berries.

The forests of the map will oddly consist of Pine Trees and they will dominant the tree landscape throughout the map. In the central savanna of the map, trees will not form in forests and will be found scattered throughout the map. Large forests of Pine will however grow on the edges of both of the maps and will give the map its rectangular shape, chopping down the trees for Wood will be up to the player to decide.

Gold Mines will be found scattered about throughout the map offering Gold while Stone Mines will be slightly more plentiful and will provide plentiful Stone.

Gallery Edit

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