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The numbers after / represent the broadside attack.
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Naval vessel
Cost500 woodResources wood
500 coinIcon coin
AgeAges industrial Industrial Age
Ages fortress Fortress Age (The Asian Dynasties)
Base hit points2000
Training limit3
Line of Sight34 / 36 (Town Watch)
Resists75% vs. Ranged
Siege damage90 / 40
Siege multipliersx0.5 vs. Artillery / x2.0 (Broadside) vs. Ships
Siege range30
Siege Area of Effect1
Rate of Fire2.0 / 0.05
Train time40 seconds
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The Frigate is one of the strongest and most durable combat warships in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Frigate, with a base hit points of 2000, it has 800 more than the next warship, the shore-ravaging Monitor. As the Monitor can't really fight anything tougher than a Caravel, this is the high-end ship to ship warship of choice for use past the Fortress Age. Like all warships, the Frigate can transport 50 units, and blast close-to-shore buildings and units. However some buildings such as fully upgraded Outposts or Forts will decimate the ships. The Frigate can be upgraded to an Imperial Age Man-of-War (Ship of the Line). Frigates can also be upgraded at a Dock with the Armor Plating and Carronade bonuses.

History Edit

"Frigates changed a lot over time, but began as lean, fast, well-armed ships used for scouting, raiding trade routes, and filling in the line of battle when the larger battleships were scarce. Early frigates carried messages and important passengers. Later, their single deck of 20 to 30 cannon was doubled to two decks of 40 to 60 cannon. British frigate captains still using the swift, lighter frigates were ordered not to engage the heavier, deadly American frigates unless the odds were two-to-one in the British captain's favor.

Approximate weight: 950 tons. Length: 150 feet.

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