Flaming Hot Dog Cart
Flaming Hot Dog Cart Portrait
First appearanceThe Asian Dynasties
Cheat unit
Cost170 wood
170 gold
Base hit points300
Pop. use0
Line of Sight14
Resists50% vs. Melee
Siege damage15
Siege multipliersx3 vs. Infantry
x2 vs. Building
x3 vs. Ship
Siege range10
Siege Area of Effect1
Rate of Fire0.5
XP created40
XP killed34
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The Flaming Hot Dog Cart is an Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties cheat unit. It is similar to the Chinese Flamethrower, only it looks like a man in a hot dog costume pushing a hot dog stand with a blue and white striped umbrella. Unlike other cheat units, it will not yield 15000XP when destroyed, only 34XP (same as a Flamethrower). It can be spawned within the Scenario Editor and skirmishes with the cheat "mustard relish and burning oil".

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