First Punic War

The reworked scenarios of the campaign as they appear in the Definitive Edition

First Punic War is a campaign from the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome trial version. The player controls the Carthaginians as they try to defeat the Romans.

Campaign Description Edit

"For centuries, Carthage ruled the waves and coasts of the Mediterranean. Her trade ships enriched her harbors while her colonies were defende by the fiercest mercenaries that gold could buy. The sudden appearance of Rome, however, threatens it's mercantile dominance. Will you be able to defend your empire's outpost on Sicily from these marauding Romans' Surely, this enemy is nothing compared to the might of Carthage."

Scenarios Edit

  1. The Battle of Agrigentum (Struggle for Sicily in the Rise of Rome original demo)
  2. Battle of Mylae
  3. Battle of Tunes