Fire Siphon
Civilization Atlanteans
Age/God MythicAge Mythic Age
Unit Type Siege Unit
Cost 275 Wood
180 Gold
Population 5
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
0 0 55
Range 12 feet
Hit Points 350
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
5% 96% 60%
Speed 2.9 feet/second
Line of Sight 20 feet
Train at Palace
Train Time seconds

The Fire Siphon is an Atlantean siege unit featured in Age of Mythology. When an enemy unit is seen within its range, the unit spews out a blast of fire at the enemy.

Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

General Edit

Kronos reduces Wood and Gold cost by 10%.

  • Engineers Engineers +1.10 attack multiplier vs walls, +25% attack
  • DraftHorses Draft Horses (Extended Edition) +20% speed
  • Petrified Petrified (Helios) reduces hack vulnerability by 15%.

Strategy Edit

It is able to destroy buildings rather quickly and is highly resistant to pierce attacks but has almost no hack armor leaving it very vulnerable to infantry and cavalry. It has a high rate of fire for a siege weapon but has a short range making it vulnerable to counterattack. As such attacking buildings is a risky prospect. To ensure destruction the Fire Siphon must be escorted but to its short range leaves the escorts vulnerable to building fire.

History Edit

The Atlantean fire siphon relied on the fabulous properties of the metal Orichalkos and a double-action piston to produce a constant stream of flame. the piston's alternate strokes pushed quantities of naptha and quicklime, later termed "Greek Fire," in a continuous stream. The Atlanteans used their fire siphon to great effect against tight formations of infantry used by the Greeks and Egyptians.

Gallery Edit

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