Field Hospital
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Cost200 woodResources wood
AgeAges discovery Discovery Age
Base hit points1500
Build limit4
Range damage10
UseHeals nearby units
XP created40
XP killed80
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The Field Hospital is a special building that heals units and can only be built by Surgeons which are only available in the Home City, except for the Chinese, which can gain them through Surgeons from the Consulate. In some cases, a Field Hospital can be acquired by the player once their unit approaches it within its line of sight. Only four Field Hospitals may be built, so it is important to choose an appropriate strategic location.

The Field Hospital is also provided to the player for free during Act I: Blood (Into the Caves) and can be useful during other campaigns once surgeons are available. They are primarily a defensive structure, placed behind the front lines and protected by walls. They will only heal units not currently being attacked or attacking another unit.

History Edit

"A field hospital is often the first stop for a wounded soldier. It provides treatment at the scene of battle to stabilize wounded people enough so that they can be escorted away from the battlefield to receive further treatment. Napoleon was the first leader to have dedicated medics on the field of battle; George Washington had litter-bearers on the field during the Revolutionary War."

v1.01 Notes Edit

  • Hitpoints increased to 1500.00 (up from 250.00).
  • Build points reduced to 10.00 (down from 20.00).
  • Bounty XP reduced to 80.00 (down from 160.00).
  • Build Bounty XP reduced to 40.00 (down from 80.00).
  • Wood cost reduced to 200.00 (down from 400.00).

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