Fang the Tame Coyote
Wolf icon (Aoe3)
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Base Hit Points45
Melee Damage8
Melee Multipliers3x against Treasure Guardians, 0,1x against Villagers
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Fang the Tame Coyote is a pet in Age of Empires III that is mainly available to the Sioux.

If the Home City Card Smoke Signals is sent as the Sioux, the Sioux War Chief can train pet Coyotes for the price of 60 food. They are also available in two Sioux shipments; 6 Coyotes and TEAM 4 Coyotes, that ships Coyotes to the entire team.

Overall, they are a weak pet, being only effective in groups, to distract strong Treasure Guardians, while other units go for the kill.

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