Fall of the Mitanni
Fall of the Mitanni
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Reign of the Hittites
Civilization Hittites
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 4
Previous Opening Moves
Next Battle of Kadesh

Fall of the Mitanni is the fourth mission of the Reign of the Hittites campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The Hittites must make their way into Mitanni lands and steal an Artifact.

This map and "Citadel" in the Glory of Greece campaign have only slight differences.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Your people have begun expansion into Mesopotamia and have forced the Mitanni to retreat behind their walls. After spending decades on the receiving end of Hittite assaults, the Mitanni are poor and close to collapse; their only hope for a continued existence lies in a generous tribute from Egypt. Currently, this war chest is being brought back to the Mitanni capital and, should it arrive, it will allow them to finance a new military for use against you.

To intercept this gift from Egypt, you have sent your troops into the lands between Egypt's eastern empire and the southern border of the Mitanni. One of these groups, an outpost along the Euphrates, has spotted the caravan they suspect may be transporting the gold and has begun moving against it. If you can capture the war chest and return it to your camp, you will ensure the fall of the Mitanni and also amass funds to use in bolstering your own army. As they were so quickly assembled, your troops left behind many devices common to your Bronze Age civilization - they must rediscover these if they wish to make use of them against the Mitanni.

Objective Edit

  • Cross the Euphrates, capture the Mitanni war chest, and return it to your camp.

Strategy Edit

Building walls and towers, and keeping a few Scout Ships off the coast, will hold back Mitanni attacks while you build up your base. All the gold on the map is protected by Mitanni towers, so raze them with Stone Throwers when you are secure enough to start gathering. Alternatively, shoot them down with ships - Hittite ships have longer range than their towers.

Chariot Archers and Stone Throwers will allow you to make your way into the enemy town, take their Artifact, and send it to your own town.