The Factory Wagon was first introduced in the original version of Age of Empires III and allows the player to construct a Factory. The only way to acquire the Factory Wagon is through sending the Factory wagon card in the Industrial Age. Some of the European nations, such as the Spanish, can only send one Factory Wagon card, while others, like the British, can send two.

Once the wagon shows up outside the player's Home City shipment point, the player can determine where it is that he wants the factory to be built. Once the Factory has started building, the player cannot stop it, If the player destroys the Factory, they will not get a new Factory Wagon. For this reason, it is also important that players put their Factories in the back of their base and protected by walls and guard towers.


The Factory, once built, will automatically produce the player's choice of Coin, Wood, Food, or heavy Artillery. They do not require Settlers to work and thus make it an incredibly helpful card. Coin, Wood, Food, and heavy artillery all get one upgrade to improve the gather rates or production rates of the Factory. The heavy artillery gets a second upgrade in the Imperial Age.


Factories are helpful in many ways. First, Factories can increase the production rates for the player's resources to gather faster to be able to build units.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

  • Food = 5.5/s //Upgraded: 7.12/s
  • Wood = 5.5/s //Upgraded: 7.12/s
  • Coin = 5.5/s //Upgraded: 7.12/s
  • Heavy Artillery =...//Upgraded:

Age of Empires lll: The Asian Dynasties Edit

In The Asian Dynasties, the Factory wagon has not changed. European civilizations that could only send one factory shipment in the original can now send two Factory shipments.

In addition to this, the Chinese have the ability to become allies with the Russians. A player can spend 400 Export to have a Factory Wagon sent from the Consulate to their city. This Factory works just its European equivalent.

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