Face of the Gorgon
Introduced in Age of Mythology
Culture Greeks
Major god ZeusIcon Zeus
Age MythicAge Mythic Age
Minor god HeraIcon Hera
Researched at TempleAOMIcon Temple
Research time 40 seconds
Research cost
WoodAOM Wood 400
FavorAOM Favor 30
Effect Medusas +33% HP

Face of the Gorgon is a Greek Technology in Age of Mythology available to worshipers of Hera at the Temple once the Mythic Age is reached. Upon completion of its research, it will upgrade Medusas to Medusa Matriarchs, increasing their hit points.

Effects Edit

  • Medusas +33% HP

Mythology Edit

While Medusa is the most famous of the Gorgons, there were actually many of them, though only three are named in Greek mythology: Medusa, Euryale and Stenno. Only Medusa was mortal. The Gorgons were monstrous creatures covered with scales, hair of living serpents, hands of brass, and sharp fangs. It is not always clear if it was seeing the horrid visage of a Gorgon or meeting their gaze that could turn the viewer to stone. The Gorgons lived far to the west where they guarded an entrance to the underworld.

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