European Cannons
European Cannons is a home city card available only to the Chinese, Indians, and Japanese of Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It increases the attack rating of their warships and the range of their warships. It requires a level 40 Home City. The only variation in the card comes with the Indian variant, as it can ship Sepoys and Settlers as well.

The Age of Empires III equivalent of the card is Offshore Support. European cannons are always available in the Colonial Age.

Unlike the European equivalent, this card will not grant Asian ships greater range than a Culverin, except for the Indian Frigate. It will however grant them greater range than the artillery normally available to The WarChiefs and Asian Dynasties civilizations (except the artillery inaccurate against a moving target, such as Morutaru, etc.).

Name Description Age Level
European Cannons Warships have more range and greater attack. +5 range to broadside, building and ranged attack types, +5 LOS and +20% to warship damage. 2 40 (China, India, Japan)

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