This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the unit in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms, see Envoy (Age of Empires II).
The icon of the Envoy
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Cost50 Food
Age AvailableDiscovery Age
Base Hit Points200
Pop. Use0 (Limit 4)
Resists10% vs. Ranged
Melee Damage5
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The Envoy is a Dutch civilian unit in Age of Empires III meant for early game scouting.


The envoy is much like the Native Scout, but slower, without stealth, but with lower cost and higher line of sight. The Dutch also have one at the start of a game. Envoys are primarily used for scouting and exploration, since they are not strong military units and have a wide line of sight. They are useful in the start of the game, since they can be used in the first age, to explore the map and scout out enemy towns. They are not very useful later in the game, with the exception of checking up on the enemy and uncovering stealth units. Their cheap cost does provide an effective way to get early warning against impending attacks, although they will usually die in the process. They can be trained from Town Center.


"Envoys are agents of a government dispatched on diplomatic missions. George Washington served as an envoy to the French with the mission of determining their military strength in the Ohio River Valley and letting the French know that the British wanted them to retreat from the area. He was leading a ragtag group of soldiers to support the construction of Fort Necessity in the valley when his command ran across a small French army. Washington's men killed 10 Frenchmen, including another French envoy carrying a message to the British. Killing an envoy was a breach of military etiquette. This brief exchange was the first in what became the French and Indian War."

Improvements & Shipments Edit

Icon Name Cost Effect Building Age

Town Watch

Town Watch

200 Food

Increases line of sight by +2.

Church icon

Ages colonial

There is only one shipment about Envoys and it needs to have 2 Settlers-card unlocked.

Icon Name Effect Home City Level Age

Hc team envoy

TEAM 1 Envoy

Ships 1 Envoy
-Allies get Envoy aswell.


Ages discovery

Miscellaneous Edit

Envoy is a man dressed in fancy early modern age clothing. He comments in Dutch and is a Dutch unique unit, but with TEAM 1 Envoy-card, every allied civilization gets one Envoy into their control.

Gallery Edit


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