Ensemble Studios Online 2 (also known as ESO) is the matchmaking service included in Age of Empires III and its expansions: the The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties. ESO features a quickmatch option, where players are randomly sorted into games. Players can also create games and playing in a game of their choice in the Game Browser.

A players Home Cities online are different from their Skirmish Home Cities, however if there is a Skirmish Home City above Level 10, then all ESO Home Cities will start at Level 10. Also, if a player's Home City starts from level 20, then adding by each 20 levels, a newly created Home City will start on that level (e.g. current Home City level is 40 = new Home Cities begin at level 40).

On ESO, players are ranked on their skill level. The Ranks are as follows:

  1. Conscript (Level 0 to Level 2)
  2. Private (Level 3 to Level 7)
  3. Lance Corporal (Level 8 to Level 10)
  4. Corporal (Level 11 to Level 13)
  5. Sergeant (Level 14 to Level 16)
  6. Master Sergeant (Level 17 to Level 19)
  7. 2nd Lieutenant (Level 20 to Level 22)
  8. 1st Lieutenant (Level 23 to Level 25)
  9. Captain (Level 26 to Level 28)
  10. Major (Level 29 to Level 31)
  11. Lieutenant Colonel (Level 32 to Level 34)
  12. Colonel (Level 35 to Level 37)
  13. Brigadier (Level 38 to Level 40)
  14. Major General (Level 41 to Level 43)
  15. Lieutenant General (Level 44 to Level 46)
  16. General (Level 47 to Level 49)
  17. Field Marshal (Level 50)

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