Elisabet Ramsey
Lizzie the pirate
Name: Elisabet Ramsey
Status: Deceased
Alias(es): Lizzie the Pirate
Affiliation: Pirates
Marital status: Taken (unconfirmed)
Spouse(s): Morgan Black (unconfirmed)
Children: Phillip Black (unconfirmed), Stuart Black (unconfirmed)
Games: Age of Empires III
First game: Age of Empires III
Last game: Age of Empires III
Elisabet Ramsey
Elisabet icon
Her Crackshot ability has a very fast cooldown, though it cannot be used on artillery.
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Base hit points850
Pop. use0 (Limit 1)
Line of Sight18
Resists40% versus Melee
Melee damage14
Range damage18 / 5000 (Crackshot)
Siege damage14
Siege range0-6
Rate of Fire1.5 / 3.0 (Ranged, Siege)
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Elisabet Ramsey, a.k.a. "Lizzie the Pirate" is a buccaneer from the Caribbean colonies, beginning as an antagonist, only to join the player's side later in the game. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale in English, and by Isabel Fernández Avanthay in Spanish.

Campaign Appearance Edit

Initially she is an enemy of Morgan Black and the Knights of St. John. When she later encounters Morgan they form an alliance, after he performs several heroic acts to impress her and promises her a fortune in Spanish gold.

Although Lizzie leaves at the end of the first act it is later suggested that she and Morgan became lovers. This union was the basis for the following acts, which all involve descendants of Morgan, and thus supposedly Lizzie herself. Amelia Black does not know for certain if she is her great-great-grandmother, though many people say she has a pirate's temper.

She also grants access to Lizzie's Flagship during The Fountain of Youth and Spanish Treasure Fleet battles.

Unit Edit

Lizzie fights with twin pistols and behaves like a typical Explorer, collecting treasures or exploring the map.

She is only moderately useful as a gunpowder unit, inflicting less damage than an upgraded Crossbowman. However, her high hit points and special ability somewhat make up for this.

Her greatest strength is her Crackshot attack that can be used on enemy units, such as Treasure Guardians.

Note: Like Morgan, Lizzie benefits from any upgrades for non-specific infantry.

Biography Edit

"The daughter of an English nobleman, Elisabet Ramsey fled her home at an early age rather than face an arranged marriage. The new colonies in the Caribbean offered her the freedom she sought, and more. Elisabet made a name for herself in the privateer fleets of the British and Dutch, and soon commanded her own pirate fleet, led by her flagship, Paris Burning. Flirtatious and cheerful, her lust for the finer things in life is often her undoing."