A statue of El Cid

El Cid (1044–1099) was a Spanish nobleman and military leader. His story of his military service under King Sancho of Castille, as well as his exile to the Moorish lands, and his eventual death, are all depicted in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Unit Edit

El Cid



Unit Info
Type Infantry
Introduced In KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Hit Points 330
Attack 13 melee
Attack Bonuses +3 vs Building
Rate of Fire 2.03
Melee Armor 2
Pierce Armor 1
Armor Classes Infantry
Line of Sight 5
In the game, El Cid is an infantry hero found in the El Cid campaign and in the Scenario Editor. He is displayed as a Champion. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health (since The Conquerors). Later in the campaign, El Cid becomes a cavalry unit renamed El Cid Campeador in the shape similar to a Knight with a lance. Both units are key units in the El Cid campaign and are must-survive units.

Campaign Edit

The player controls the Spanish in some scenarios, and the Saracens in the others. The player color is always red.

Brother against Brother (Spanish) Edit

El Cid (an infantry Champion hero) starts in a tournament ground welcomed by King Sancho. There, he faces a Two-Handed Swordsman that belongs to King Sancho's Enemy. After defeating the swordsman, El Cid faces a Knight which also belongs to King Sancho's Enemy after receiving his horse, Baveica, from King Sancho. When these two units are being defeated, King Sancho will declare him the champion and gives him a group of army consisting of Conquistadors, Long Swordsmen, Pikemen, Archers and a few Villagers. King Sancho also has a mission for El Cid: to bring his brother, King Alfonso to meet King Sancho once King Alfonso's army have been defeated. When El Cid spots any gaia units in the map, they will follow him and thus, increasing his army. When the Serfs spot El Cid passing their village, they will proclaim that they are King Sancho's champion and will follow El Cid.

The Enemy of my Enemy (Spanish) Edit

El Cid must visit the Imam (purple) on an island to find out how to quell the civil unrest going on in the city of Toledo (yellow). The Imam (Purple) tells the Cid that he must find and capture the Relics that the Moorish (Green) and Spanish (Orange) rebels have control of. Two are kept in Monasteries, one is guarded by a castle and one is guarded by a palisade wall near some stables. You can visit Motamid (Cyan) at a Market near were you start..

The Exile of the Cid (Saracens) Edit

King Alfonso exiles El Cid to the Moorish lands out of jealousy. At first El Cid must collect his horse before setting off and having Alfonso change his diplomacy and attack but becomes your ally again after destroying his castle. You then gain Knights, Pikemen and Camels. During this mission, El Cid befriends the Moorish prince Motamid (green/Saracens), and together they must defeat the Spanish Count Berenguer (purple/Spanish). In this mission, El Cid controls a Saracen army.

Note: This is the only El Cid Scenario that King Alfonso's Army appears in where King Alfonso himself doesn't.

Black Guards (Saracens) Edit

El Cid begrudgingly must rescue King Alfonso (blue/Spanish) from the Black Guard Army (cyan/Saracens), Black Guard Navy (yellow/Saracens) and Yusuf (green/Saracens). Though he fights for King Alfonso against the Moors, El Sid has the Saracen technology tree. After establishing himself in King Alfonso's fort to the west, the Cid must destroy all of the Docks that the Black Guard Navy controls in the river to the south. There is also a Mosque towards the west, and if you convert it and leave behind a Monk, you will earn all Monastery technologies for free.

The Cyan player has its town in the southwestern part of the map, which is very vulnerable to attacks, since all of its army is located inside the yellow computer's city. Sneaking in a couple of soldiers and razing their town center will immediately cause them to resign.

King of Valencia (Spanish) Edit

Once again in control of a Spanish army, El Cid starts alone, and must collect troops from the nearby towns of Denia (green), Lérida (orange) and Valencia (yellow), he then must defend the Wonder under construction in Valencia from the armies of Count Berenguer coming from the north. Once the wonder is built, the scenario is won.

Reconquista (Spanish) Edit

El Cid is dead, but in order to keep the Spanish Army's morale still high, his wife, Jimena, strapped his body to his horse, Bavieca. The Cid is not a playable character in this mission, he is a still unit outside your Castle. To win this scenario, Jimena must defeat the Black Guard Army & Navy, and Yusuf. After this scenario, King Alfonso and Count Berenguer go back to their states, and Jimena is given rule over Valencia.

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