Eitri (Hero)
Eitri Icon
Eitri the Dwarf
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points180
1 HP/second regeneration
Pop. use1
Line of Sight16
ResistsHack (30%)
Pierce (30%)
Crush (99%)
Melee damageHack (7)
Melee multipliersMyth Units (6)
Set Animals (3)
Range damagePierce (6)
Max Spread (5)
Spread Factor (0.5)
Range multipliersUnintentional Damage Multiplier (30%)
Accuracy Reduction Factor (2)
Aim Bonus (80)
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Eitri is a Hero Dwarf and the younger brother of Brokk in Age of Mythology. He and his brother show Arkantos the way into Midgard after having helped the dwarves reclaim their forge from giants. Later Eitri and Brokk reforge Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, which was destroyed by Loki, allowing Thor to seal the gate to Tartarus from which Kronos was trying to escape.

Eitri is a hero unit who possesses the same resource-gathering abilities as the dwarf unit. He can collect any resource, but is especially efficient at mining gold.

Mythology Edit

"Age -- 99
Homeland -- Midgard
Occupation -- Blacksmith

Special attack -- a Hero and a Villager

Ever since learning of his distant relationship to Thialfi, a servant of Thor, Eitri believes he is a true hero. Although timid by nature, Eitri will do all that is needed of him to help prevent Ragnarok from ever becoming a reality. Eitri is scared to death of trolls and anything with sharp teeth and pig eyes.

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