This article is about the civilization in Age of Empires. For their appearance in Age of Mythology, see Egyptians (Age of Mythology).
Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Ancient Egypt Text
This image depicts the Egyptian god Horus along with hieroglyphic text.
EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Architectural StyleEgyptian
Features+33% Chariot hit points

+20 Gold mining

+3 Priest range
ContinentNorth Africa
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The ancient Egyptians are an ancient river valley culture that once controlled the upper and lower Nile regions of the Egyptian Kingdom. They are a playable civilization in Age of Empires "North African Campaign" and are playable in other game modes as well. They are considered to be one of the best civilizations to play in Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome.

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • All Chariot units have +33% health.
  • Priest have +3 range.
  • Gold mining +20% efficiency

AI Player Names Edit

Names shown in italics are only used in the original game, names shown in bold are used in both the original game and its expansions.

  • Ramses - Name of 11 Pharaohs between 1295-1077 BC; Ramses I: Pharaoh 1292-1290 BC
  • Thutmose - Name of 4 Pharaohs between 1506-1388 BC; Thutmose I: Pharaoh 1506-1493 BC
  • Ramses II - "the Great"; Pharaoh 1279-1213 BC
  • Thutmose II - Pharaoh 1493-1479 BC
  • Ramses III - Pharaoh 1186-1155 BC
  • Thutmose III - Pharaoh 1479-1425 BC
  • Ramses IV - Pharaoh 1155-1149 BC
  • Amosis - Pharaoh 1539-1514 BC
  • Necho - Pharaoh 672-664 BC (Necho I); 610-595 BC (Necho II)
  • Seti - Pharaoh 1290-1279 BC (Seti I); 1200-1194 BC (Seti II)
  • Haremhab - Pharaoh 1319/1306-1292 BC
  • Amenophis - Hellinized form of Amenhotep; Pharaoh 1526-1506 BC (Amenophis I); 1427-1402 BC (II); 1388-1351 BC (III); 1351-1334 (IV, commonly known as Akhenaten)
  • Hatshepsut - Pharaoh 1479-1458 BC
  • Menes - First dynastic Pharaoh, believed to be the same person as Narmer, around 3150 BC

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