The E3 2001 Story Showcase was a unique scenario made for Age of Mythology, and was shown at E3 2001. The scenario featured what was once the main hero of the original campaign, Misenus.[1]

Summary Edit

Misenus goes to a nearby city, going through a nearby mountain range, the player starts a short distance from the city center. Essentially Misenus must lead the city's army through and defeat and unknown enemy lead by an early version of Gargarensis (represented by a Cyclops).

Objectives Edit

The objectives are unknown, and are simply unreadable due to videos showing the scenario being blurry and low quality, so objectives are hypothesised based on actions in the scenario.

  1. Go to the centre of the city and meet with yellow Hypaspist.
  2. Meet with the cyclops forces, and defeat them
  3. Destroy the enemy.

Video Edit

Age of Mythology - E3 2001 - Story Scenario Showcase

Age of Mythology - E3 2001 - Story Scenario Showcase

The following video was filmed at the Ensemble Studios Age of Mythology Booth during E3 2001, the build is also dated to May 9, 2001. The Video also doesn't feature audio, likely due to the lack of an audio capture tool/program/etc during filming.

Players Edit

  • Mineus (Zeus) - Starts with Misenus who is on his horse, can later gain the use of 16 Hoplites, 5 Hippikons and 8 Peltasts.
  • Unknown Name (Poseidon) - The dominant force, controls many Hoplites, Peltasts, Cyclopses, and has some Houses, Docks, Academies, and Stables.
  • Hypaspist (Unknown) - Consists of one Hypaspist, and a small offshoot of the allied city, to the southeast.
  • Allied City (Unknown) - Consists of the allied city, and the army until it goes to the player's side.

Trivia Edit

  • Among other beta content (such as older unit models), this scenario also features different Ancient Greek architecture (which is more in accordance with ancient and later Greek architectural traditions) and mediterranean cypresses.

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