Dwarven Foundry
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Cost75 Wood
Age AvailableArchaic Age
Base Hit Points1200
UseProvides upgrades
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The Dwarven Foundry is a special building in Age of Mythology that is only available to Thor players. It replaces the Armory, and can be built in the Archaic Age, an Age earlier, and at half the cost. Technologies at the Dwarven Foundry are also considerably cheaper than those at the Armory (see below.) Consecutive technologies are not tied to a particular Age, so for example, a player could research both Copper Weapons and Bronze Weapons in the Classical Age.

Most importantly, a fourth level of technologies that are unique to Thor can be researched. These extra technologies only improve human units and Hersirs, however.

Note that Burning Pitch, normally not available until the Mythic Age, is available from the Archaic Age at the Dwarven Foundry. However, as the Norse have no archers (without the Tale of the Dragon-introduced Bogsveigir), this technology only affects Ballistae and Longboats.

Technologies (with resource costs) Edit

Unique Technologies Edit

History Edit

The dwarves of Norse mythology were master smiths, and constructed virtually all of the legendary weapons, including Odin's spear, Grugnir, and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.


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