Dwarven Auger is a Norse technology in Age of Mythology that is available when worshiping Baldr. It improves Portable Ram speed, training rate, and attack.

Effects Edit

  • Portable Rams +20% speed
  • Portable Rams +20% crush damage
  • Portable Rams train twice as fast

History Edit

"The dwarfs were great craftsmen and created many wondrous things in their deep cave forges. They created some of the Aesir's greatest treasures, including Skidbladnir (Freyr's boat), Gullinbursti (the golden boar), and Mjollnir (Thor’s famous hammer).

“Time ´tis of the dwarfs in Dvalin´s band, to the sons of men, to Lofar up to reckon, those who came forth from the world´s rock, earth´s foundation, to Iora´s plains.”

-- The Poetic Eddas, The Vala´s Prophecy

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