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Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
The Dutch Flag
Age of Empires III
FeaturesDutch Settlers cost Coin instead of Food
They also build Banks which generate Coin
Home CityAmsterdam
PersonalityMaurice of Nassau
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The Dutch are a major civilization featured in Age of Empires III and its expansions The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties. They possessed minor but important colonies in the Americas until the 1980s.

Overview Edit

Lvl73 Dutch

Dutch Home City with Full Customizations

The Dutch Home City provides many powerful defensive and economic upgrades. The Dutch usually start off as a defensive civilization, but this changes in later Ages after the Dutch establish the Banks. After that the Dutch colony is able to expand quickly.

Dutch Settlers cost Coin so this gives them one of the slowest starts in the game. The Dutch economy, however, makes up for this with the ability to construct Banks, which generate Coin constantly, also Dutch Settlers gather coin from mines 10% faster right from the start. To compensate for the free and steady supply of gold, Dutch players only have a Settler cap of fifty (other civilizations get ninety-nine settlers, except the Japanese which have a cap of seventy-five).

The Dutch have a unique civilian unit called the Envoy. The Envoy's primary role is to scout the land. The envoy unit is extremely weak against other units, thus it is more useful as a reconnaissance unit. The Dutch cannot build the Musketeer, however the Halberdier and the Ruyter makes up for this. The Dutch are also able to build the Skirmisher in the second age rather than the third.

The Dutch are one of the two European civilizations which do not get a two Falconet shipment in the Fortress Age, the other being Germans.


Unique Techs/Cards Edit

  • Stadhouder - cheaper Town Center (600 Wood->199 Wood)
  • Religious Freedom -
  • Military Reforms - Halberdier changes speed by 20%
  • Bank of Rotterdam - Increases build limit of Banks by 1
  • Bank of Amsterdam - Increases build limit of Banks by 1
  • TEAM Cheap Market Improvements
    • Team Discovery Age Market improvements are much cheaper

Home City Cards Edit

See Dutch Home City Cards.

In-game dialogue language Edit

General dialogue:

  • Ja (yes)
  • Commando
  • Oké (okay)
  • Klaar (done)
  • Juist (alright)
  • Ik doe het (I'll do it)
  • Ik ga (I'm going)
  • Jager (hunter)
  • Houthakker (woodchopper)
  • Verzamelaar (collector)
  • Handelaar (merchant)
  • Boer/Boerin -farmer (male/female)
  • Timmerman (carpenter)
  • Ten oorlog! (to war!)
  • Aanvallen! (attack!)


  • Ik ben gewond, ik kan me niet bewegen (I'm wounded, I can't move)
  • Bedankt voor het betalen van het losgeld (Thank you for paying the ransom)
  • Ik voel me nu wat sterker (I'm feeling better now)
  • Ik eis dit land op in naam van Nederland. (I claim this land in the name of the Netherlands)

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