Duke D'Alençon
Unit info
Type Cavalry, Hero
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Hit points 150
Attack 16 melee
Rate of Fire 2.03
Melee armor 2
Pierce armor 3
Armor classes Cavalry (+1)
Speed 1.45
Line of Sight 5
John II of Alençon, known in Age of Empires II as Duke D'Alençon, was a French duke and general during the later phase of the Hundred Years' War. He was a close friend and supporter of Joan of Arc, appearing as a cavalry hero in the scenario The Maid of Orleans. He is also available in the Scenario Editor. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health.

Duke D’Alençon has the appearance similar to a Knight with a lance, similar to several other hero units. Like other cavalry, the Duke is affected by all upgrades that affect cavalry as well as any other bonuses that affect them.

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