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Dry Dock
Age Imperial-age-research Imperial Age
Researched At Dock-logo Dock
Research Cost
Food 600
Gold 400
Stats Ship speed +15%, Transport Ship capacity +10

Dry Dock is a technology that can be researched at the Dock once Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, this Technology will increase ship speed by 15% as well as increasing Transport Ship capacity by +10 units.

Careening must be researched prior to developing this Technology.

Civilization bonusesEdit

  • Italians: Research Dry Dock cost 50% less.
  • Chinese: Dry Dock is 20% cheaper.
  • Persians Research Dry Dock 20% faster.

History Edit

Ships needing extensive repairs were sailed into a new structure called a dry dock from which the water could be pumped. This left the ship dry and accessible to workmen from all directions.

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