Dome of the Rock
Building Info
Type Civilian
Introduced In KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Size 5x5 tiles
Hit Points 4000
Melee Armor 3
Pierce Armor 6
Armor Classes Building
Line of Sight 8
The Dome of the Rock is a sacred monument in the center of Jerusalem, and an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II. It is decorative structure without actual use in-game and is only available in the Scenario Editor (under the Other tab). The Dome of the Rock can regenerate.

Campaign Appearances Edit

  • The Dome of the Rock is seen in the fourth mission of the Saladin campaign, The Siege of Jerusalem, and in the final mission of the Barbarossa campaign, The Emperor Sleeping. Destroying the Dome of the Rock is a cause for defeat in both of these scenarios. The team controlling it is always called "Jerusalem", and is always represented by the color blue.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dome is incorrectly golden in game, in reality it was not gilded until 1963. Before that it was covered with black lead.

Gallery Edit

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