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The Dome of the Rock is a sacred monument in the center of Jerusalem, and is used in Age of Empires II. It is seen in the Barbarossa and Saladin campaigns. Most of the times it is seen, it is the focal point of an objective.

Appearences Edit


Dome of the Rock in the Barbarossa campaign

The Dome of the Rock is seen in the fourth mission of the Saladin campaign (The Siege of Jerusalem) and in the final mission of the Barbarossa campaign (The Emperor Sleeping). Destroying the Dome of the Rock is a cause for defeat in both of these scenarios. The team controlling it is always called "Jerusalem", and is always represented by the color blue.

Availability Edit

The Dome of the Rock cannot be built by Villagers, much like the Cathedral and Trade Workshop, and it can also only be found in Scenario Editor. Curiously, the Dome of the Rock is found in the "Other" category, rather than "Buildings", which is where the Cathedral and most other non-buildable buildings can be found.

In The Conquerors, the Dome of the Rock has the same properties as a Hero unit in that it cannot be converted and will automatically repair itself when damaged. It has an armor of 3 and 4000 base hit points.

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