The Dog is a unit found in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon and Age of Empires III.

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The Dog is a Scenario Editor-only unit available in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, it was originally a trainable unit at one stage, before being removed.[1]

The Dog functions essentially as a (once trainable Chinese) version of the Wolves that Set can convert with Priests.

Interesting enough, the Dog was meant to be in the original version of Age of Mythology according to the "dog_anim.txt" located in the file.

War Dog Edit

War Dogs are a Spanish unique unit in Age of Empires III and can only be trained by the Explorer. They can be rescued at some treasure sites by other civilizations, but only the Spanish can train them or use cards which specifically boost them.

They do not count towards population but there is a limit on how many can be trained at a time. The Spanish receive one War Dog at the start of each battle and can train up to four more.

  • Conquistador will boost all Spanish War Dog hit points (even those rescued from treasures) by 20%, as well as adding +20% to their damage.
  • TEAM Hand Infantry Attack will boost War Dog damage by 15%. This brings the total damage in the Colonial Age to 20.25 with 102 hit points.
  • Unction will unlock the bonus damage aura on Spanish Missionaries, this boosts the modified damage of War Dogs by +5-63%.

Explorer Dog Edit

Unlike the War Dog, the Explorer dog remains permanently in play and, like the Explorer, cannot die when its hit points reach 0. Instead, it collapses and must be rescued when an allied unit or building is near and it has enough hit points. There can only be one Explorer dog for each civilization, and it is unlocked through a unique Home City shipment for all European civilizations except the Spanish.

These dogs can be obtained as pets by non-European civilizations from captured treasure. The treasure includes a pair of Explorer Dogs.

The Explorer Dog comes with the shipments:

Note: It is possible for players to ransom back their Explorer Dog at a cost of 100 coin. Alternatively, it can be manually rescued upon regenerating a minimum of 100 hit points.

History Edit

"The Spanish Conquistadors brought dogs with them to the New World. These were big, fierce dogs, probably a mix of mastiff and greyhound. They were good at tracking, hunting, and killing prey (often human). Becerrillo, which means "little bull calf," was owned by Spanish Conquistador Ponce de Leon. Becerrillo sired the more famous Leoncico, "little lion," who stowed away in a wooden cask with his owner, the Explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa."

In-game history

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  • The Dog was originally cut from the original Age of Mythology, however it was meant to return as a trainable unit for the Chinese, likely as a food source or a scout, before becoming just a scenario-editor unit, similar to the Cataphract.
    • The Dog appears as a unit in the Expanded Mod as a cheap harassment unit, with early-game scouting role, for all civilizations, requiring Hunting Dogs.
  • When the Explorer dog collapses, a text box appears near it that quotes Hamlet's final line from the Shakespearean play Hamlet: "Horatio, I am dead; Thou livest; report me and my cause aright To the unsatisfied."

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