Discoveries is the third scenario featured in the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign.

The overall concept of this scenario is two things, to introduce the player on gathering secret objects as an alternative to victory, with the other being military conquest.

Scenario instructions Edit

"Hunter/gatherers in the Nile Delta and along the river have begun encountering other cultures located to the south up the Nile, to the west along the Mediterranean Coast, and to the northeast into the Sinai and beyond. Parties of explorers are searching the borderlands. You have been sent into a region to the west toward people called the Libyans. According to legend, there are several sacred sites in the area near your campsite. The sacred sites are known as Discoveries and can be recognized by the figure of a white horse etched into the ground. Find the five Discoveries before the encroaching Libyans do."

Objective Edit

  • Find the five Discoveries before the Libyans find them.

Strategy Edit

This campaign requires careful scouting and exploration in order to ensure a complete victory. The Libyans are situated near the center of the map but prove no harm to the player's initial village since they are set to defensive and consists of only one Scout and a Town Center. As long as any unit does not approach the Libyans, no harm would be done. The key here is pretty much the number of Food and Villagers the player has in their disposal.

The five Discoveries are located in the following directions:

  • Discovery 1 is located just to the left of the player's settlement.
  • Discovery 2 is located at the top corner of the map.
  • Discovery 3 is located at the bottom corner of the map.
  • Discovery 4 is located at the center of the map.
  • Discovery 5 is located at the right corner of the map.

Historical outcome Edit

"The indigenous people of the Nile Valley pushed back the invaders from the west and maintained control of the river. The Egyptians were destined to become rich and powerful while the Libyans remained a barbaric culture for thousands of years. The Libyans were heard from again, however."

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