The Disciple is a unique Chinese melee light infantry unit that is trained by the Chinese Shaolin Master or "converted" from an enemy unit killed by the Master.

Apart from that, Chinese players start with a single Disciple and the Shaolin Master, instead of the two Brahmins or Ikko-Ikki of other Asian civilizations.

Disciples are very similar to Pet Animals that can be sent through shipments or trained by War Chiefs, Brahmins and some European Explorers. Just like Pets they receive free upgrades upon every Age Up, however the imperial upgrade only increases Disciple's Health Points and Attack damage by 50% while Pets receive 60%.

Overview Edit

Disciples are unusually quick-footed for foot soldiers and are essentially a weaker version of their master. Any enemy soldier that is killed by the Shaolin Master or his Disciples has a small chance of being converted to a Disciple, though the chance of a Disciple converting another unit is smaller than the Shaolin Master's.

The Disciple has a weak melee attack but special attack powers similar to the Shaolin Master. The Disciple can be upgraded, increasing his attack and HP. The White Pagoda Wonder can also increase Disciple attack, hit points and their build limit. Disciples take up no population.More can also be created in excess of their build limit through the conversion of enemy units killed in combat.

The Disciples act as hand cavalry, being good against skirmisher-type units and artillery. They are very vulnerable to Heavy Infantry and Ranged Cavalry.

Upgrades Edit

Colonial Age Upgrade Edit

Hit Points: +20% (96)
Hand Attack: +20% (12)
Siege Attack: +20% (4.8)

Fortress Age Upgrade Edit

Hit Points: +30% (120)
Hand Attack: +30% (15)
Siege Attack: +20% (6)

Industrial Age Upgrade Edit

Hit Points: +40% (152)
Hand Attack: +40% (19)
Siege Attack: +20% (7.2)

Imperial Age Upgrade Edit

Hit Points: +50% (192)
Hand Attack: +50% (24)
Siege Attack: +20% (9.6)

Monastery Edit

  • Training Forms: Gives Chinese monks an aura that increases the hit points and attack of nearby Disciples.(Cost: 100 food, 100 coin)
  • The Five Precepts: Increases the hit points and attack of Disciples by 20%.(Cost: 200 food, 200 coin)

White Pagoda Edit

  • Sacred Vault: passive ability. Disciple: +20% hitpoints and damage and +5 build limit; Shaolin Monk: +100% hitpoints and damage.

Home City Shipments Edit

History Edit

"One of the most famous Buddhist monasteries is the Shaolin Monastery, located in the Henan province of China, founded in 495 CE. The edifice is associated specifically with Chan Buddhism and the martial art of Kung Fu. Monastery legend states that the Indian monk Bodhidharma visited the temple in 527 CE. During his time meditating on the mountain overlooking the monastery, Bodhidharma taught himself a form of martial arts to defend against wild animals and bandits. He stayed at the temple for nine years, and before his departure he taught his disciples the skills he had learned, creating the martial arts legend that surrounds the Shaolin monks to this day."

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