Fishing Boat Icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Naval Vessel
Cost150 Wood Resources wood
Age AvailableUnknown
Base Hit Points420
Resists30% vs. Ranged
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The Dinghy is a unit in Age of Empires III that's not trainable in either skirmish or campaign. It is seen in the campaign in several cinematics, but is seen in the mission A Pirate's Help. It is also available in the Scenario Editor. It is used for fishing for food and can also whale for unlimited amount of coin in Age of Empires III.

History Edit

"Dinghies and other small boats are part of the equipment maintained by seafaring ships for a variety of purposes. They are stored on deck, along the sides, or even towed behind if too big to store on the ship. In the era of tall ships, boats were used as landing vessels, to transport crew between ships in a fleet, to fetch supplies from shore, and to maintain a ship at sea."

Gallery Edit

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