"Grassy clearings in a sea of trees. Follow the paths through the forest to find your allies and enemies."

Map description

Deep Jungle icon as seen from the map selection menu

Deep Jungle is a random map introduced in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It represents a tropical jungle in either south China or Southeast Asia.

Overview Edit

This map is a defensive player’s haven. Practically the entire map is covered by trees aside from clearings that connect players with additional Settlements and one another. Starting Town Centers are located in larger clearings which are typically accessible from only one or two paths. This makes it very easy to predict where enemies will approach from and the narrow paths are easy to wall off at low cost. There is little need for players to risk harvesting from the very barriers that protect them as there are plenty more trees by the map perimeter.

Ideal major gods for Deep Jungle include Gaia, Hades, and Shennong, all three most suitable for defensive tactics.

However, gods that can easily bypass the jungle are also viable options, notably Ra and Isis who can train Rocs, as well as Odin and Thor who have access to the Forest Fire god power.

Concerning minor gods, players with access to Bast's Adze of Wepwawet can also secure an excess of wood to trade for gold in later stages of the game, whereas Helios' and Ptah's god powers (Vortex and Shifting Sands) can be used to bypass walled sections of the jungle.

Environment Edit

Deep Jungle has the highest number trees relative to surface area of any random map. Most of the map is covered in jungle trees so wood should never be in shortage. Animals found here include Boars, Deer, Ducks, Lizards, and Yaks. Jade Mines can be found in various cul-de-sacs throughout the jungle. Ponds filled with fish may appear at the edge of the map.

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