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Culverin Icon
Culverins are good versus artillery and ships.
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Cost100 WoodResources wood
400 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableFortress Age
Ages fortress
Base Hit Points280
Pop. Use4
Speed3.5 (Limber)
1.4 (Bombard)
Resists75% vs. Ranged
Siege Damage40
Siege Multipliersx4.0 vs. artillery, x10.0 vs. ships, x0.5 vs. cavalry, x0.5 vs. light infantry
Siege Range34
Siege Area of Effect1
Train Time45 seconds
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The Culverin is a light anti-artillery and ship unit that is featured in Age of Empires III.


The Culverin is a light artillery piece that is very effective against enemy artillery and ships. It is not very effective against anything else, but makes up for this fact by being exceptional at its two primary functions. It deals more damage versus ships than the Light Cannon and has a slightly better range. While it doesn't match the Mortar or Morutaru on range, it is far more accurate against a moving ship.


Culverins have longer range than most artillery and do bonus damage vs. artillery and ships, though unless an opponent is building cannon or a strong navy they have little use in most games. Some strategists may want to keep a few around just in case of a ship or artillery attack, while others would consider it a waste of resources to build a unit which doesn't counter anything currently in play.

Due to their sizeable range, Culverins can adequately defend a shoreline from most ships as they have more range than all ships except Monitors and Ironclad. Ships using Offshore Support or European Cannons will not have greater range than a Culverin, they come up one point short of matching its range. When combined with the even higher anti-ship range of Outposts and Town Centers built near the water and walls along the shore (preventing troops from being unloaded), the player will be safe inside their turtle shell until Monitors are able to be produced by the enemy.


Spanish unction cardEdit

Fully upgraded Culverins being influenced by the Spanish Unction aura will very rapidly (1-2 shots, 456 damage versus artillery) destroy any artillery which lack comparable or superior tech advantages. These Culverins are also capable of inflicting 1710 damage to ships in a single shot. This can make it very difficult to successfully land an invasion force directly on Spanish territory, even when transporting troops in a high hit point vessel.


This is a list of shipments that benefit Culverins.


History Edit

"The Culverin gets its name from the Latin word for serpent - colubra - used to describe the cannon's distinctive curving handles. It was a long, heavy cannon and could fire at great range. A skilled team of gunners could use the Culverin's extreme range and precision to target specific enemy buildings or defenses."

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