Covered Wagon
Covered Wagon1
The icon of a Covered Wagon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Base Hit Points250
Resists20% vs. Siege
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Covered wagon

The Covered Wagon is a special civilian unit in Age of Empires III that is received only from the Home City once the player selects a Home City Card that features this unit. It builds a Town Center at no cost, but it takes time to build it. The Portuguese receive one covered wagon at the beginning of each Age as a civilization bonus. The Nomad style also starts with one covered wagon. They can be useful for expanding territory.

Civilization bonuses Edit

Shipments Edit

Every Civilization may send a Covered Wagon card at Fortress Age. Cards regarding Covered Wagons can be found at Trading Company.

  • Portuguese and Ottomans may send 2 Covered Wagons card at Industrial Age.
  • Germans also send a Covered Wagon to every ally with TEAM Conestoga Wagon at Industrial Age.


"Covered wagons were so full of food and other supplies that settlers who traveled west could rarely expect to travel inside them. These wagons were so uncomfortable and bumpy that more than a few settlers were happy to walk. The ride could be so bumpy that a butter churn filled with milk at the beginning of the day would have produced butter by the end of the day. Covered wagons traveled about two miles per hour. Until steam-powered trains could reach the frontier, the West was won very slowly."

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