Coming of the Huns
Coming of the Huns
Scenario Info
Game RomeIcon Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
Campaign Pax Romana
Civilization Romans
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 5
Previous Queen Zenobia
Next N/A
Coming of the Huns is the fifth and final scenario of the Pax Romana campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Roman Empire must overcome the invasion of the Huns from the east.

Scenario Instructions Edit

A new group of barbarians, the Huns, have been moving west from Central Asia for many decades. They are fierce warriors and have been displacing tribes in their path. The Goths and the Vandals have broken through our frontiers to escape the Huns behind them. This is the ultimate test of our survival. If you cannot hold off these invaders, Rome will be engulfed and the empire will be destroyed.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the Huns (red).

Strategy Edit

There are four opponents on this map: Huns (red, Hittites), Hunnish Allies (yellow, Hittites), Hunnish Allies (brown, Palmyrans), and Goths (orange, Persians).

Build up your base, and build some defenses. The Huns start off as allies, and will be demanding tribute to remain that way. Don't pay them; you'll have to destroy every last one of their units and buildings, and every bit of gold you give them will only strengthen them. When they declare you an enemy, do the same.

Train Cavalry and Stone Throwers or Ballistas, and start taking out the Huns' allies, to take them out of the fight. You won't have to destroy every building and kill every unit, just the Villagers, Town Center and military buildings.

If anyone starts building a Wonder, immediately train an army and destroy it, as they'll do their best to protect them. When the Huns are defeated, victory is yours.

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