A Comanche settlement
Age of Empires III
ContinentNorth America
Unique UnitsComanche horse archer
TechnologiesComanche warrior societies
Champion Comanche
Comanche trade language
Comanche horse breeding
Comanche mustangs
MapsGreat Plains
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The Comanche are a minor Native American civilization in Age of Empires III.


The Comanche are available as allies on the Great Plains, Rockies, Texas, and Ozarks maps. Once a Trading Post is built at their camp, a player can recruit Comanche Horse Archers and research available upgrades.


Comanche upgrades mostly focus on cavalry and reducing the cost of more advanced technologies.

Comanche Trade Language (Discovery Age): Reduces the coin cost of all upgrades by 10%.
Cost:100 Food, 100 Coin

Comanche Horse Breeding (Discovery Age): Improves cavalry and light infantry (see usefulness section) hit points by 10%.
Cost: 150 Food, 150 Coin

Comanche Mustangs (Discovery Age): Improves cavalry speed by 10%.
Cost: 200 Wood, 200 Coin

Comanche Warrior Societies (Fortress Age): Comanche attack and HP raised by 25%.
Cost: 200 Wood, 150 Coin

Comanche Champions (Industrial Age): Comanche attack and hitpoints raised by 40%.
Cost: 400 Wood, 300 Coin


  • Comanche trade language is best used with home city cards that reduce the coin costs of upgrades or units.
  • Comanche horse breeding will also affect light infantry, specifically Eagle Runner Knights, Coyote Runners, Disciples, Rattan Shields, and Tiger Claws. Some civilizations are able to send the rattan shields and tiger claw mercenaries as shipments while disciples are unique to the Chinese and the remaining units are unique to the Aztecs.
  • Comanche mustangs can be extremely useful to civilizations that have unique cavalry units, such as the Spanish Lancer, French Cuirassier, and Russian Oprichnik.
  • All native tribes can only be upgraded to Legendary/Exalted status at the Town Center or Capitol; they can be upgraded to Elite/Disciplined or Champion/Honored for free through some Home City shipments.
  • Civilizations can remove the upgrade gold costs, or cut the upgrade costs in half depending on their home city cards.

In-game dialogueEdit

They speak Comanche, a Numic language of the Uto-Aztecan family.

mia "I will do it"
mi lik you "ok"
ali or hani "what is your command"
haa "yes"
tug wa suoh! (attack)
tu gen! (attack!)

History Edit

"Before European contact, the Comanche were part of the Shoshone tribe living along the Platte River in eastern Wyoming. They acquired the horse in the late seventeenth century and thereafter began migrating to the southwest as a separate tribe. They eventually established effective control over a wide area stretching from western Oklahoma, across the Texas Panhandle, and into New Mexico. This area was known as the Comancheria.

They became the expert horsemen of the southern plains and were very skilled with the lance, bow, and arrow. Their population grew because hunting buffalo from horseback provided a dependable food supply. They built up huge herds of horses through breeding and capture, and particularly prized the pintos and painted horses. They built a reputation as fierce and pitiless warriors, fighting both as raiders and as defenders of their stock.

For much of the eighteenth century the Comanche waged war against neighboring tribes, especially the Apaches, and the Spanish based in Santa Fe, Texas, and Mexico. When Americans moved into Texas, the Comanches got into conflict with them. A series of treaties were signed with the Republic of Texas, the United States, and the Confederate States, but the whites could not stop settler encroachment, which always led to more fighting. Gradually the Comanche were devastated by disease and worn down by military action. They were placed on a reservation, but eventually most of that was taken away and opened to white settlers.


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