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Cobra Car
Unit info
Type Siege unit
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Trained at Towncentericon Town Center
Cheat code how do you turn this on
Hit points 500
Attack 10 melee
Attack bonuses +10 vs Building
Blast radius 1
Rate of Fire 0.25
Frame delay 0
Range 10
Accuracy 100%
Projectile speed 5.5
Melee armor 10
Pierce armor 10
Armor classes Siege Weapon (+50)
Speed 4.5
Line of Sight 12
The Cobra Car (formerly known as Shelby Cobra) is a cheat unit in Age of Empires II. It is a AC Cobra that fires round bullets at its targets. It is also available in the Scenario Editor.

Overview Edit

Cobracar 00
Rather than utilizing explosive weapons in combat, the Cobra behaves much like a very rapidly-firing Hand Cannoneer. However, the Cobra has a tendency to harm friendly units caught in its blast.

The Cobra has a very impressive range of 10 that can hardly be matched by any other ranged attacker in the game, allowing it to pummel incoming hostiles with ease, though Castles with garrisoned personnel or British Longbowmen can outrange it. Still, due to its high hit points, armor, and damage output, the Cobra Car easily mows down armies of Longbowmen.

A fatal weakness of Cobras is their poor AI, relying heavily on proper and constant micromanagement in order to protect them from damage and destruction during a raid, not from the enemy but from themselves. For some reason, shots fired from the Cobras can deal high damage towards friendlies who wander into their line of fire (including other Cobras). Because of this, clusters of these cars huddling up trying to tear down a fortified structure such as a Castle or Wonder can accidentally fire over and destroy each other's very quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • With a speed of 4.5, the Cobra Car is by far the fastest unit.
  • Before The Forgotten, the Shelby Cobra was always blue regardless of the player color.
  • Before The Forgotten, the Shelby Cobra used the Mangonel icon. The name was changed to Cobra Car with The Forgotten, when the unit also got its new name and was included in the Scenario Editor.
  • If the car is behind objects it will not display its outlines.
  • As a siege weapon, the Cobra Car can be repaired by Villagers.
  • The only technology that affects Cobra Cars is Siege Engineers.

 In-Game Dialogue Edit

When Selected Edit

  • Vrooom!

When Ordered to Move Edit

  • Vrooaaahh!

When Ordered to Stop / Attack / Change Stance Edit

  • Vrooaaahh!

Gallery Edit

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