Coastal is a map in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires Edit

Coastal- Age of Empires

Coastal in Age of Empires.

Players start on at least one peninsula; as the players' numbers are increased, so are the penisulae, with players scattered among three penisulae not being uncommon. These penisulae may be often connected with shallows.

As the map tends to be composed of more land than sea, it is recommended to invest more in early ground rushes, though it is also advised to build decent numbers of Fishing Boats, to exploit the Fish in the map. Do not over-rely on fishing however; Villagers should compose at least 50% of the food gatherers, by hunting the local Gazelles and Elephants, and farming.

Age of Empires II Edit


Coastal is on average, half-water and half-land. Thus it is a good idea to focus early on water and later on land. With resources on land reduced, the player should try to build Fishing Ships and Galleys to control the sea for their own uses. Control of the sea means a steady supply of food and the ability to go on coastal raids. If a player loses out on the water early, they should attempt a series of late feudal and early castle age rushes aimed at critical resources depots of the enemy. On a team, the player closest to the ocean should try to annex it quickly, whereas the land based civilization should try and defeat the other player going for the ocean to create a two-on-one situation in which the two people control almost all of the map.

Good civilizations for Coastal include

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