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This article is about the building in Age of Empires III. For similar buildings, see Monastery or Temple.
Church icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Cost250 Wood
Age AvailableAges colonial Colonial Age
Base Hit Points3500
UseTrains Monks
Researchs civilization improvements
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AOE3 Churches 03


The Church is a building in Age of Empires III where European colonies train their healing units such as Priests or Missionaries, and also Spies. It is also a source of many unique upgrades either provided by the player's civilization or unlocked in their Home City and shipped to the New World. The Ottomans and Asian civilizations cannot build Churches, but have replacements that fulfil the role of the Church. The Ottomans have the Mosque, and the Asians have the Monastery. Only the Native civilizations lack a Church-like building entirely.

Units Edit

Healer units will only affect idle units (those not moving or attacking) and can be garrisoned

Providable Improvements Edit

At the Colonial Age
Improvement Cost Explanation
Bastion 400 Wood 600 Gold Increases Wall hitpoints +150%
Mission Fervor 200 Food 200 Wood Increases Healer walking speed +15% and hitpoints +35%
Town Watch 350 Coin Increases L.O.S. +2 for all units
Gas Lighting 100 Food Increases L.O.S. +4 for all buildings
Mercantilism 1500 Coin Adds 2000xp toward the next shipment

At the Industrial Age
Improvement Cost Explanation
Standing Army 350 Coin Infantry train 25% faster
Mass Cavalry 750 Coin Cavalry train 50% faster

Advanced Church Edit

Each civilization can ship an advanced church (or Mosque) from the Home City. When the player reaches a level 10 Home City, the advanced Church (or Mosque) enables improvements unique to its civilization. It should be noted that any large shipment of special units with a unique name, will cause that respective unit to change its name.

Knights of St. John Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Corselet No cost Heavy Infantry hitpoints +25%, but speed -15%
Ages colonial Tax Burden No cost Settler hitpoints -40%, but you receive 1 crate of 100 Coin for every minute the game has lasted (up to 30 minutes). Hp loss can be entirely offset by Market upgrades and the Pioneers card.
Ages fortress High Crusade No cost Shipment of 8 Hoop Throwers and boosts their attack by +20%, hitpoints by +25% but reduces all other military units hitpoints by -5%.

British Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Thin Red Line No cost Infantry hitpoints +20%, speed -25%
Ages fortress The Black Watch 1000 Food Shipment of 8 Highlanders
Ages industrial Roger's Rangers 2000 Coin Shipment of 26 Skirmishers

Dutch Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Coffee Trade No cost Bank limit +2, military speed -10%
Ages fortress Waardgelders 1000 Food Shipment of 5 Stradiots
Ages industrial Stadhouders 2000 Coin Shipment of 30 Guard Musketeers

French Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Code Napoleon No cost
  • Progressive law causes your villagers to gather all resources more quickly, However, the additional bureaucracy increases building cost.
  • Villager: Increases Gather Rate for all resources by 10%
  • Buildings: Increases building resource cost by 50%
Ages colonial Garde Imperial I 500 Food
  • Ships 4 Young Guard Grenadiers from the motherland.
  • Delivers 4 Grenadier
  • Veteran Grenadiers: Status set to active
Ages fortress Garde Imperial II 1000 Food
  • Ships 8 Middle Guard Grenadiers from the motherland. Any remaining Young Guard are upgraded to Middle Guard.
  • Delivers 8 Grenadier
  • Guard Grenadiers: Status set to Active
Ages industrial Garde Imperial III 2000 Food
  • Ships 15 Old Guard Grenadiers. Any remaining Middle Guard are upgraded to Old Guard.
  • Delivers 15 Grenadier
  • Middle Guard: Increases All Actions Damage by 10.00%
  • Middle Guard: Increases Hitpoints by 10.00%

Germans Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Tilly's Discipline No cost Infantry speed +20%, Infantry training cost +10%
Ages fortress Wallenstein's Contracts 4000 Coin

All home shipment mercenaries cost no coin. Does NOT apply to Saloon mercenaries.

Ages industrial Zweihander 2000 Coin Shipment of 12 Doppelsoldner, all Doppelsoldner hitpoints +10%

Ottomans Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages fortress Tufanci Corps 1000 Wood Shipment of 15 Janissaries
Ages industrial Topcu Corps 1500 Food Shipment of 3 Great Bombards

Portuguese Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Encomienda Manor Free Settlers work +20% at mills, but -5% slower at everything else
Ages fortress Besteiros 2400 Wood Shipment of 22 Veteran Crossbowmen, with +30% hit points and damage
Ages industrial Order of the Tower and Sword 2000 Wood Ships 11 Black Rider

Russians Edit

Age Icon Research Cost Explanation
Ages fortress Westernization 32x32 Westernization 900 Resources wood All units upgraded to Veteran
Ages industrial Petrine reform 32x32 Petrine Reforms 2500 Resources gold Requires Westernization: All units upgraded to Guard
Ages fortress Kalmucks 32x32 Kalmucks 1000 Resources wood Ships 9 Guard Dragoons
Ages industrial Bashkir ponies 32x32 Bashkir Ponies 2000 Resources gold Ships 17 Guard Hussars

Spanish Edit

Age Improvement Cost Explanation
Ages colonial Corsolet Free Heavy Infantry hitpoints +25%, but speed -15%
Ages fortress Quatrefage 1000 Wood Shipment of 13 Guard Halberdiers
Ages industrial Wild Geese 2000 Food Ships 10 Hackapells

Shipments Edit

History Edit

"Churches are places of worship for Christian colonists. Settlers in the New World built churches to provide a place for worship as well as for community events. Religion drove exploration and colonization as people like the Pilgrims left their homes, fleeing persecution, to find religious freedoms in the New World."

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