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This article is about the civilization in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. For the other appearances of the faction in the series, see Chinese.
Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
800px-Wood Bodhisattva
A statue of a Chinese Buddha.
KingsIcon Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleEast Asian
Unique UnitsChuKoNuIcon Chu Ko Nu
TechnologiesGreat Wall
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The Wonder of the Chinese, the Temple of Heaven

The Chinese civilization are one of the East Asian civilizations in Age of Empires II along with the Japanese, Mongols, and in The Conquerors expansion, the Koreans. The Chinese are based on the Tang and Song dynasties of medieval China which were best known for their unprecedented technological innovations and highly populated cities that can accommodate millions of people by the 1200s, with the largest being Hangzhou. To reflect this achievement and for being one of the civilizations that suffered the least during the Dark Ages, they start with extra villagers and their Town Centers support a higher population. Although they have fewer resources to compensate, allied farms produce extra food. The unique unit of the Chinese is the Chu Ko Nu, a foot archer wielding the eponymous semi-automatic crossbow invented by the Chinese that would load a new bolt simultaneously as soon as the last one was fired. Chu Ko Nu fire multiple arrows at once and, if employed en masse, they can wreak havoc on infantry and even cavalry. Their unique technology, Rocketry, reflects their discovery of gunpowder. Despite this, the Chinese in Age of Empires II ironically lacks two important gunpowder units (Hand Cannoneer or the Bombard Cannon).

The lack of access to gunpowder units such as the Hand Cannoneer or the Bombard Cannon (where the cannon and the hand cannon were historically invented in China) is more for gameplay balance rather than historical accuracy, as the techs available to the Chinese and their unique technology allows them to excel at long-range sieging. To compensate the lack of Hand Cannoners and Bombard Cannons, the Chu Ko Nu and Heavy Scorpion can do the same job hand cannoners and bombard cannons do in a weaker degree with the Rocketry technology, and Demolition Ships are more durable and allow them to reach their targets easier. Finally, the Chinese research all technologies more cheaply than any other civilization due to being the one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth during the time frame of Age of Empires II.


The Chinese have strong economic bonus. Chinese players on Random Maps start with six villagers instead of the usual three at the cost of having less starting resources, and their Town Centers supports ten units, which enables quicker expansion. They also have cheaper technologies - every technology's cost is decreased as they advance in age. Chinese Demolition Ships also have extra hitpoints. The Chinese unique unit is the Chu Ko Nu, which is a Crossbowman that fires three arrows in succession, but at a shorter range in comparison to normal Archers.

Unique Unit: Chu Ko Nu (foot archer that fires multiple arrows)

Unique Technologies: Rocketry (increased pierce attack for Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions), Great Wall (increases Walls' and Towers' HP)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Start game with three extra villagers, but with -200 food and -50 wood
  • Town Center supports ten population (instead of five)
  • Technologies are 10% cheaper in Feudal Age, 15% in Castle Age, 20% in Imperial Age
  • Demolition Ships have 50% more HP
  • Team Bonus: Farms start with +45 Food

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Town Centers have +5 line of sight (moved from Teutons)
  • Elite Chu Ko Nu creation speed reduced to 16 seconds

In-game Dialogue Language (Mandarin)Edit

  • Shén me? 什麼? (What?)
  • Hǎo 好 (Good.)
  • Xíng 行 (Yes.)
  • Zūnmìng 遵命 (Affirmative.)
  • Zhèngquè 正確 (Correct)
  • Wéi 喂? (What?)
  • Fúcóng mìnglìng 服從命令 (I'll follow your order.)
  • Zhǔnbèi jiùxù 準備就緒 (Ready.)
  • Fámù gōng 伐木工 (Lumberjack)
  • Liángcǎo zhēngshōu rén 糧草徵收人 (Gatherer)
  • Lièrén 獵人 (Hunter)
  • Yúfū 漁夫 (Fisherman)
  • Nóngfū 農夫 (Farmer)
  • Kuànggōng 礦工 (Miner)
  • Jiànzhú gōng 建築工 (Builder)
  • Xiūlǐgōng 修理工 (Repairer)
  • Zuòzhàn! 作戰! (Fight!)
  • Shì 是 (Yes)
  • Jìngōng! 進攻! (Charge!)
  • Gōngjí! 攻擊! (Attack!)

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